Small groups - Individually planned content and schedule - Intensive course support

You have discovered photography as your new passion and want to learn everything about it from the beginning? You want to improve your photography but don't know where to start? Or are you already a passionate photographer but still want to develop new techniques or get to know new opportunities to optimize your current skills to create a clear photographic style?
I will help you to take your photos up to the next level.
My intensive photo workshops for beginners and advanced photographers will help you to optimally implement your ideas and visions. In order to achieve great learning success, I configure my courses, which I have been leading since 2014, to be particularly intensive and personally configured to each student.
These courses offer much more than taking you on a regular photo tour to spectacular locations where you are on your own without any necessary input and professional knowledge.
To reach the best possible results, I prefer to optimize your photos already on the spot, in order to implement the new photo knowledge practically and quickly and focus on the main factors that will improve your photographic skills and help you to realize your visions more accurately.

Increase your photographic skills quick and effective

Beside the basic camera and exposure settings we will focus especially on creative and effective composition principles and an effective way to create powerful, clear photographs, as well as on a consistent usage of all common filter-types like neutral density-, circular polarizing - and graduated filters. Developing and using a convincing procedure for an effective post-processing is also part of my workshops.
Due to the limited number of participating students the individual support of every student is, in addition to my exclusive solo trainings, always part of my group-workshops to spend the days together relaxed with a lot of fun, interesting knowledge and many new insights.
Explore cities such as Venice, Prague or Berlin with a different view or discover picturesque landscapes such as Tuscany, the island of Sylt or the french atlantic coast while you develop your photographic skills on my side in a joyful atmosphere.
Spending a fun time combined with receiving new insights is always the most effective way of learning in beautiful and creative activities, like photography.

You are able to choose between multi-day and one-day workshops in small groups or individually customized in a private atmosphere. Individual single- and group coachings are also available regardless of the published dates on my website. Please send me a message with your ideas or suggested dates via the Contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Overview of the currently available workshops
  • Japan - 23. september - 02. october, 2023
  • Japan - 17. - 16. march, 2025

My photo workshops are supported by:

"A really good and instructive, but also interesting already almost familiar, two-day photo workshop, with practice photography and image editing. Where even still the image review takes place. All questions of amateur photographers are addressed and you get understandable and components answers. Professional photographer Ronny Behnert knows how to pass on his knowledge and experience, masterfully and skillfully, to his short participants."

Aleks Simka

Urban & Architecture | Berlin 2023

"Japan - wonderland between manga girls and geishas, big cities and temples, industrial areas and silence. Who better than Ronny and Jakob could make the hidden treasures, the magical places and touching moments visible - I think no one. An exhausting journey full of wondrous encounters, lovingly selected photo locations and perfect organization. A trip that is worth all the effort because it is such a gift - thank you! "

Nicoline Dreyer

Strange Worlds | Japan 2023