Small groups - Individually planned content and schedule - Intensive course support
Have you just discovered photography as a new hobby and are interested in foundational photographic knowledge upon which you can gradually build further knowledge in the world of photography? Or has the passion already captivated you as an advanced photographer, and you have decided to specialize in a selected photographic area to develop yourself further with the help of new approaches, photo techniques, or subjects, or even to explore completely new paths? I will gladly assist you with that.

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Beginners, intermediate, and advanced photographers are equally welcome.
My intensive photo workshops and training sessions, catering to both beginners and intermediates, will help you realize your photographic vision optimally. The courses are individually tailored to different experience levels to ensure that every participant leaves at the end of each course with newly acquired photography knowledge, many instructive experiences, and, of course, a handful of successful photos to look back on with satisfaction.

From vision to fine art - considerations behind the shooting process.
The description "Intensive" is a key characteristic of my photography courses held since 2014, where we not only drop you off at selected photo locations with great potential but also aim to explain the reasons and characteristics, through many small details and considerations, that make seemingly ordinary places photographically interesting and promising. To ensure that we leave our locations with the best possible results, we discuss the photos taken directly on-site, preemptively optimizing our photographic raw material with ample time. As workshop leaders and photo trainers, our focus is primarily on the aspects that aim to enhance your photographic skills and help you develop and implement a visual idea in your mind.

Enhance your photographic skills in no time.
In addition to fundamental camera and exposure settings, my photography courses focus on creative and effective techniques such as thoughtful composition and creating clear, uncluttered photographs, focused on essentials. The application of all common filter types, such as neutral density, polarizing, and gradient filters, adapted individually to prevailing light and weather conditions, is just as much a part of every workshop as a complementary post-processing section tailored to the photographed subjects. In this section, I share my years of experience as a photographer and describe step by step my detailed approaches and creative ideas on the path to stylish post-processing, developed over many years.

The various options of my group and individual training sessions.
Due to the manageable group sizes, I can provide individual support to my participants not only in exclusive one-on-one training sessions, the benefits of which I highlight elsewhere, but also during group trips, where my participants can count on me to assist them at any time. You have the choice between multi-day and one-day workshops in small groups or individually tailored one-on-one training sessions in a private atmosphere. Individual one-on-one and group coaching sessions are also available upon request outside of my published course program on the website. Feel free to send me a message via the contact form, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Photo workshops in Germany, Europe, and Asia.
Discover enchanting cities such as Venice, Prague, or the bustling Berlin from a photographic perspective, or capture the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, the French Atlantic coast, or Germany's most popular islands, Sylt and Rügen, while developing your photographic skills significantly and staying motivated with plenty of hands-on practice by my side. Fun combined with acquiring new knowledge is always at the forefront of the most beautiful and creative activity in the world. See for yourself. Selected results from previous course participants can be found in the Gallery.

Overview of the currently available workshops
  • Japan - 06. - 15. march, 2026

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"A really good and instructive, but also interesting already almost familiar, two-day photo workshop, with practice photography and image editing. Where even still the image review takes place. All questions of amateur photographers are addressed and you get understandable and components answers. Professional photographer Ronny Behnert knows how to pass on his knowledge and experience, masterfully and skillfully, to his short participants."

Aleks Simka

Urban & Architecture | Berlin 2023

"Japan - wonderland between manga girls and geishas, big cities and temples, industrial areas and silence. Who better than Ronny and Jakob could make the hidden treasures, the magical places and touching moments visible - I think no one. An exhausting journey full of wondrous encounters, lovingly selected photo locations and perfect organization. A trip that is worth all the effort because it is such a gift - thank you! "

Nicoline Dreyer

Strange Worlds | Japan 2023