2011 - 2018

Though the scandinavian countries are very popular since many years I visited my first nordic country very late in 2011. It was Iceland with it´s unique charme which revealed my hidden love for the scandinavian landscapes, traditions and people. My first hours in Iceland were full of intense feelings and thoughts because I had the strong imagination that I´ve been there already a long time ago. Maybe in another life. Until then I´ve never felt those strong emotions and this deep and secure connection to Iceland and after so many years these feelings are still alive.
Many strange situations during my first visit in Iceland, which I still cannot explain to myself, brought me much closer to the Nordic myths, legends and traditions. The powerful fire of the scandinavian way of life is still burning in many minds and hearts of the scandinavian population like the invincible power of nature and the magic of the northern lights.
The interesting contrast between the classic, rough viking, who lives side by side with merciless Mother Nature, and the creative minds, who invented and polished the typical, scandinavian, elegant and minimalist style, could´nt be bigger. The huge, dynamic contrasts, the rough and pure landscapes and the warm soul of the northern countries mainly dominate my attraction to the Scandinavia, which keeps me motivated to portray every part of it step by step.
This is a work in progress.